Looking for a Microscope for Students?

Just because your budget is tight it doesn’t mean you can’t afford a high quality branded microscope.

At Microscope Service and Sales we can supply a choice of microscopes and help you find the best model to meet your budget and requirements. We supply a number of microscopes that are perfect for multiple users in an educational environment.

For example the Leica DM100 and DM300 have prefocused and precentred condensers for ease of use and have a maintenance free sealed focus mechanism. The DM100 is configured with a rotatable monocular tube and the DM300 with a rotatable binocular tube for shared viewing.

Alternatively the Olympus CX23 LED microscope has a focusable precentred condenser as well as an impact resistant body to protect it from bumps when being moved or stored. It is designed specifically for students and general use in an educational setting making it reliable and easy to use as well as providing great quality images.

For more information about these or other student microscopes or for a quote please contact us.


Olympus CX23 Leica DM300 Microscope

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