Leica DM LFS Microscope

The Leica DM LFS fixed stage microscope is specially designed for electrophysiology applications and microscopy in the infrared range.

This top-class microscope offers high precision objective focusing. Teamed with Leica UVI objectives – apochromats for water immersion with a ceramic front part – the Leica DM LFS takes you into optical dimensions never achieved before in electrophysiology.

Key Features

  • Optimized for the special requirements in electrophysiology
  • High precision objective focusing for electrophysiological applications
  • Leica U-V-I water immersion objectives
  • Greatest possible work space for application-specific sample holders, bath chambers and micromanipulators
  • Microscope components are optimized for the minimisations of mechanical, electrical and chemical interference
  • Maximum stability of the microscope and the sample
  • Optimal compatibility with Leica’s modular microscope range
  • Patented condenser draining system (“electrophysiology condenser”)
  • Zero pixel shift fluorescence
  • Automatic switchover between new heat-protection filter and optimized IR filter