Leica DM3000 Microscope

Leica DM3000 with its intelligent automation supports greater efficiency and enhanced user comfort in clinical as well as all other biomedical routine and research applications.

This innovative microscope has been developed for cytology and pathology laboratory environments as well as for biomedical research tasks, including fluorescence. With its unique toggle mode, motorized nosepiece, condenser, and automated light intensity adjustment the Leica DM3000 is suitable for all biomedical applications.

Key Features

  • Easy handling with unique toggle mode – fast change between two user-defined
  • Automated 6-fold objective turret
  • Motorized condenser that knows optimal position for each magnification
  • Automated light intensity adjustment to each objective’s requirements
  • Optional foot switch
  • Height adjustable focus knobs (Patented: DE 103 40 721)
  • REAL symmetrical operation of stage and focus controls for symmetrical
    (not-distorted) position of the user in front of the microscope
  • Easy one-hand operation of focus and stage control
  • Standard tube with ergonomic 15° viewing angle
  • Colour-coded aperture diaphragm
  • Easy right hand/left hand conversion (or elimination) of x/y control
  • Stage with ultra hard ceramic surface
  • New HI PLAN objectives with special 10x CY objective for clinical
  • Series of brightness synchronized objectives
  • Easy lamp change with special drawer
  • Pathology-oriented imaging software
  • 3 speed focus drive option
  • Thermal compensation of focus drift