Leica DM1000 Microscope

Leica DM1000 satisfies all requirements for ergonomic use as well as optical brilliance, and is ideal for all clinical laboratory applications, especially for cytology, pathology, and haematology.

As a system microscope it is well suited not only for clinical microscopy, but for basic research microscopy applications as well including fluorescence application. It offers optimum optical performance and ergonomics with easy to use controls which are comfortable to operate.

Key Features

  • Height adjustable focus knobs (Patented: DE 103 40 721)
  • REAL symmetrical operation of stage and focus controls for symmetrical (not-distorted) position of the user in front of the microscope
  • Easy one hand operation of the focus and stage control
  • Standard tube with ergonomic 15° viewing angle
  • Colour coded aperture diaphragm
  • Easy right hand/left hand conversion (or elimination) of x/y control
  • Stage with ultra hard ceramic surface
  • New HI Plan objectives with special 10x CY objective for clinical applications
  • Series of brightness synchronized objectives
  • Easy lamp change with special drawer
  • Pathology oriented imaging software

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