Leica DMIL LED Microscope

The Leica DM IL is the inverted contrasting microscope of choice for microbiology and cell culture laboratories.

Offering virtually unlimited application potential in live cell microscopy, it is ideal for routine examinations of cell and tissue cultures, for liquids and sediments and for special applications such as micromanipulation and microinjection. Users will be impressed by its brilliant incident light fluorescence, optimized phase contrast, and a new, extremely efficient contrasting technique:

For the first time, Leica’s unique IMC (Integrated Modulation Contrast) enables high quality Hoffman modulation contrast without having to use special objectives.

Key Features

  • Unique feature: Integrated Hoffman Modulation Contrast (IMC) without need for special modified objectives. Easy to adjust with one modulator and one illumination slider for all objectives. With the same set of objectives it is possible to do Brightfield, Phase Contrast, Modulation Contrast and Fluorescence.
  • Optimized Fluorescence with 3 position filter cube slider including BG 38 and light stop
  • Flexible long working distance Condenser System S90 and S55 for Brightfield, Phase Contrast, Modulation Contrast, Dark Field Contrast
  • Integration of the new HC infinity objectives with long working distances
  • Field of View: 20 mm
  • Variety of tubes are exchangeable, including different trinocular and ergonomic tubes
  • High variety of lamp houses with 4 or 6 lenses, Halogen Lamp or Hg -Burner, with UV- and Quartz Collector
  • Coarse and Fine focus
  • Magnification Changer, Drawing Device, Discussion Tube, or Ergo-Module optional with every stand
  • Flexible stage system with fixed stages plus xy-object guide, heating stages, 3-plate stages or scanning stages with several inserts with or without heating