Does your microscope need an annual check up – Call the Microscope Doctors!

When is the last time your microscope was serviced? is it still working at its best?

Like all machinery over time any microscope can stop working as it should, it can get dirty and provide less defined images, parts can get stuck, get loose or simply stop working.  Having an annual service of your microscope is good preventative maintenance and will increase the life of your appliance as well as making it easier for you to use. Rather than waiting till something goes wrong and then facing a larger bill for parts or even a new microscope, why not invest in having your microscope serviced?

Here at Microscope Service and Sales we can provide either a one off service or a full range of service level agreements, we can service your microscope at your site or for a reduced fee you can bring it to our workshop and it can be serviced there.

Contact us and tell us what it is you need and we can help you keep your microscope working well for longer.


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